The case fan

So, I managed to somehow have the main power switch in my Taz 3-ish unit melt itself. Not a huge deal because I have a spare, but when reinstalling it I managed to inadvertantly remove a wire from my case cooling fan. The one that shipped with my Taz indicates that it is a Pelonis 12v 80mm fan. I’m thinking that it should now be a 24v fan with essentially Taz 5 firmware on this machine? I managed to find a fan I think will be suitable, but i’m not 100% sure since the 12v fan is throwing me for a bit of a loop here.

Also why does the lulzbot store and Itworks3d both not sell replacements of that???

Yes, If you upgrade to a 24 volt supply you should get a new 24 volt Case fan. The 12 volt fan will be very loud as it is running at twice the needed voltage, and I believe might burn out faster. I see that IT-Works3D has the 24 volt 4 wire fan, they might not be as quiet as the old one. I have had loud and very quiet ones both, so YMMV.