The forum security certificate has expired

I’m getting an expired security certificate warnining on log in here now. It’s been like that for about 2 days, so I figure I should mention it.



Ok, I looked into this.

I had renewed it, and I thought on time. It appears it was renewed and the cert doesn’t expire until 9/5/18. But the one from a month ago would be expired now. So perhaps it is just in your browser cache. As far as I can tell, we’re all good.



I just cleared my cache entirely and did a force refresh. I’m still getting the old certificate on this end on my work and home computers.

I’m a server / network admin for what thats worth.

I’m using Safari on a Mac and it says the Certificate is good until Sept 5, 2018.


Ah, this is for This actually was renewed, but the process wedged at the provider. Meh. I was trying to sort this out earlier today. Analytics runs piwik which does pretty graphs of web hits.