Cura 3.2.23 windows quits unexpectedly

I recently installed the latest stable Cura from Lulzbot, and after following the directions on removing old files, it works fine. Slow to load, but I think that typical. However, the app will simply crash? quit? go away? randomly. It can be after 10 minutes, it can be 4 hours. But ultimately it disappears from the desktop and needs to be restarted.

Any ideas?

I’m running it under Windows 7.

For something like this it would be helpful to get a look at your Cura log to look for any indicators of what is causing the crash since there isn’t a lot of information to go off of otherwise.

One thing that is worth mentioning since you just updated your version of Cura is that the software has been known to crash if the old software wasn’t removed or the cache wasn’t cleared, usually it will happen relatively quickly but it could be playing a part in your difficulties if this step wasn’t completed.