Themal Error, Temperature steadily drops off during print

Trying to print with 1.75mm and keep getting a thermal error 2-3 minutes into print.
Temperature reaches set temp of 255 degree and as the print progresses, the temperature steadily drops off over the 2-3 minutes to about 225 degrees and error occurs.

You didn’t provide us with much information. Things like the type of printer, the material being printed, what is the source of the gcode, etc.

The more details you provide about your setup / environment, the better chance we have of helping you figure it out.


Trying to print 1.75mm ePA-CF on a Taz 6. I’m new to form so cannot post file. Also relatively new to 3d printing so can open the G-code in notepad but would need to know what I need to show you to assess the issue.

Thanks for responding.


Are you printing on TAZ 6 from the SD card or is there something connected to the other end of the USB cable? I.e. how do you send the file to the printer? What tool head are you using?

My TAZ 6 is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B running OctoPi / OctoPrint. Its web interface gives me numerous ways to troubleshoot printer problems. Printrun is another program you can use to connect to the printer via the USB cable. Even CuraLE can monitor the printer and provide useful information.

ePA-CF is a difficult filament to print. Do you have problems printing with other filaments? Tell us what other filaments you have successfully printed with? ABS is another high temperature filament (but not as high as ePA-CF).

Using SD to print from and tool head is stock TAZ 6. First time having this issue and have printed ABS and PLA multiple times previously. This is the first time I’ve tried to print 1.75mm and followed the instructions on Lulzbot’s webpage for printing the 1.75mm on the stock head.

Will also try hooking it up and monitoring the print via Cura to see if I can get more information.