Thin Cover ABS without Warping

Lulzbot Taz 6 with acrylic enclosure without extractor fan at a closed office with an AC ranging from 21-25 C ambient temperature.

I’m trying to print a Thin Cover to sell it and can’t get it print without it getting warped. If I use brim, then it prints fine.

What can I do? I read somewhere using high wattage bulbs inside the case to increase the enclosure temperature to get better prints, but I don’t know if that’s enough.

A heat lamp or small desktop heater should get the ambient temp in the enclosure to help mitigate the warping.

The brim works to prevent air from seeping between the print and the bed.

Here are ideas to reduce are from seeping under the print:

  • Adjust the initiial nozzle height closer to the bed will help with adhesion
  • Try a multilayer skirt to create “wall” to block the air from getting between the print and bed.
  • Play with the extrusion temp and low cooling to help lock in the form. I find that 3mm thickness creates enough rigidity to prevent warping as long as the print is stuck to the bed.