Layers not adhering to each other

I have been working with two Taz 4’s and have been experiencing an issue on both printers. That being said, I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong, and I was hoping someone might be able to point out my mistake.

I have been having issues with the layers of my prints in ABS not adhering to each other very well (see photos).

My layers height: .25mm
First Layer height: .25
Fill Density: 30%
infill speed 40mm/s
travel speed 50mm/s
Extruder Temp: 230c
Bed temp: 95c

Are there any settings I have really wrong? I have been covering the printer to try and prevent any cold air from causing any type of warping.

I have had this happen with 3 different spools of Filament, and on multiple different prints.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What are you using for an enclosure? ABS tends to shrink more than most of the other filaments. Can that model be printed in a different orientation?

Thanks for the fast reply Orias!

I have just been using a large plastic bag to try and keep drafts from warping the piece. I am currently ordering some 80/20 to build an enclosure to match the printer.
Is it likely that I need to keep the printer in a warmer area? It is currently in a room that is about 70F. Or if I build a better enclosure, should that be sufficient?

Also, the reason why I printed the model in that orientation was to reduce support material. Is the overall height of the piece a detriment to the print since it’s further away from the bed?

Ideally, with ABS, you’ll want to maximize the cooling time. A thicker enclosure will certainly help, even a blanket temporarily. We have a guide on assembling an enclosure available here: The BOM can be found here:

Thanks again for all the help! We will expedite that process, and I’ll report the results here.

hmm…looks like something that might be nice to use all that extra t-slot for.
Any reason for the name “CAT” guard? :stuck_out_tongue:

Constant Air Temperature? Or, just to keep the pesky cat out of the printer…