Think the dual material extruder from the enterprise models will be available for TAZ 6?

Would really like to start printing with multiple colors, just wondering if this is one of those things that will work with my existing printer or if I’ll have to buy a whole new printer.

The Dual Extruder V3 is designed to work with the TAZ 6.

Is the Dual Extruder v3 really okay for doing multi color? I was told that it’s really only meant for mixing a soluble support material with another.

I almost wish this were a true statement :frowning:

In my experience, the Dual Extruder V3 is much better at multi-color than it is at soluble supports. My success rate with multi-color is 90%+ and my failure rate with soluble support material is about the same.

I believe the secret to success with soluble supports is getting the settings right which I haven’t done very well. I’m fairly certain that spending more time on it will increase my success rate.