Time for 64 bit Cura?

Can we get a 64 bit version? Start-up times are just awful vs normal Cura and I’ve had files in the past that cannot load on LE whereas S3D and normal Cura opened just fine. Ultimaker themselves even dropped support for 32 bit Cura last year.

The startup times have been on the list of improvements, as are 64 bit versions. 3.2.14 launch times are the shortest I’ve seen yet. Give .14 a go.

For me it is not about start up times, it is whether I can use Lulzbot-Cura at all for some projects that have a lot of polygons or are sliced using a very fine (0.15mm) nozzle. It is a really annoying problem for me to go over to Ultimaker Cura just for those projects without my settings in the Lulzbot one.
And I really don’t get it: Shouldn’t it be easier to work with 64 bit for future releases when the original is like that anyway?


I have found a workaround!
The following little mod enables your Lulzbot Cura (x32) to use 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB by modifying your exe files.
For me that makes the difference. Now I am able to load a model that failed to load in Lulzbot-Cura before, but worked in Ultimaker-Cura x64.
I do not take credit for any harm that might be caused by doing the mod, however I have used this mod for a long time for some games of mine without having encountered any problems.

How to do it:

  1. Check you have a 64bit operating system

  2. Locate the Cura-Lulzbot installation you want to modify on your hard disk.

  3. Make a backup of the following files that are located in this installation: CuraEngine.exe, cura-lulzbot.exe

  4. Download this little program: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371 - Thanks to Daniel Pistelli for this great little program!

  5. Run the program and update both exe-files CuraEngine.exe and cura-lulzbot.exe one by one. Done!

Thanks for sharing this, we’ll check it out.