Cura 2(Alpha) Great Tolerance Test, Slow Startup.

I did Maker’s Muse’s Tolerance Test.

I used PolyLite PLA on a Lulzbot Taz 6.

With Lulzbot CURA Version 21.4. Release.
Only 0.5 and 0.4 where free. I couldn’t break free any of the others.

With Lulzbot CURA 2 Version 2.4.32. Alpha.
Both 0.5 and 0.4 where free. I could break free 0.3 with minimal effort. 0.3 is smooth with minimal play.

CURA 2 does better at “Print in Place”.

Why is Cura 2 so slow to start???

Where is the 64 bit version? I’m getting really tired of 32 bit apps!!


What OS are you running?
Also under what profile did you run your PolyLite PLA on CURA?

I noticed the start up time being a lot longer as well, not sure why but I would guess it has something to do with CURA 2 having SO many more options and a much slicker UI than its predecessor.

Lulzbot CURA 2 is now at Version 2.6.14 available here:

I’m running Windows 10 Pro on an i7-5960X, 64GB ram, NVidia GTX 980 Ti, 4K monitor, and Intel SSD 750.

I write CAD/MCAE software for a living. I specialize in graphics(OpenGL) and overall architecture. So the PC was designed to compile software very fast. That Intel SSD 750 makes the difference, at 300,000 IOPS and 2.4 GB a second.

I used the standard Polylite PLA profile (0.25 mm layers).

At the time I downloaded Lulzbot Cura2, the windows build was 2 months behind the Linux and MAC build. I have caught up since.