Time to raise bed from 25C to 85C in your printer?

I am wondering whether other TAZ4 printers take as much time as mine to heat the bed.
Rising from 25C tyo 85C takes 20 minutes in my printer. Room temperature is about 23C.
Going from 85 to 88 is a pain in the ass, It takes about 2 minutes to raise 0.1C !!

Is it my printer or is this normal times ?


20 min seems like an awfully long time.

Mine usually hits its target within about 2-4 min. If I set the hot end to 210 and the bed to 60, usually the hot end beats it to its respective target by about 30 seconds.

Ditto, less than 5 minutes,the basement where the printer is lately has been about 65 degrees F.

maybe tuning PID settings for your printer?

Less than 5 minutes on a taz 2.1.

My bed heater failed when it was a couple months old. The symptom of that failure was extremely long warm up times.