Time to sell my trusty TAZ 5. Make me a (reasonable) offer!

I purchase re-furbed by Lulzbot about 6 years ago. I also bought a flexystruder and have never used it - I’m happy to throw that in.

It’s been a surprising and amazing and trusty workhorse for me, especially as a producer of extremely strong and thin nylon parts that need to withstand great forces. Typically, I produced powerful magnet holders that screwed together. Prints were typically between 0.08 mm and 0.15 mm height @ 242C. And it was at its best the last time I used it less than a year ago. Of course great for ABS and PLA prints as well.

If you’re serious about printing and not just in it to lowball me then probably best to contact me so we can talk. Unless you know this so well that you just want it now. You’ll get a great machine at a great price.