tip distance from bed

im currently printing a mount for a dial indicator and was wondering for the ones using a dial, how far from the bed do you set your extruder tip?

ps, just a thought, a separate 101/taz hardware forum might be a little easier as the forum grows

I know this is months and months later, but in case somebody else has the same question…

A good rule of thumb is to set it at about half the diameter of the nozzle, or about the thickness of a piece of cardstock. This will get you in the right ballpark, but you might need to make small adjustments after the print is started. There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest and least time consuming method, I find, is to pause the print, turn off the motors, manually turn the z screws (clockwise for up, anticlock for down), and then resume. If you are close to start out, it shouldn’t take more than ~30 degrees rotation to get the nozzle to the perfect height.