AO 101 Nozzle Hits Bed

I am trying to adjust the height of the tip so it doesn’t hit the bed. I adjust the screw and even though the carriage keeps coming down after it engages the screw head. I hear it click and then it keeps going down and the nozzle touches the bead and starts to print. Is something wrong that it would go past the stop and compress that spring? Is there a way to stop it in the settings? Thanks!

The endstop limit switch should hit the endstop target and depress the switch. It may go down half a mm to 1mm before it triggers, but once it triggers the Z axis should stop moving. You can test it by running the Z axis up 30 or so mm off the bed, tell it to home z, and manually press the limit switch and see if it stops. If it doesn’t, you have a wiring issue or a faulty switch

I think I was doing something wrong. When I hit go down 10 on the controls in pronterface it does regardless of the stop. I adjust the height of the screw and Go home it does stop. I adjusted it very high and it did stop way up there so now all should be good. Thank you again!
On a happier note I got the thing to print somewhat. One wall was pretty good but the other was really bad. It was a clip so basically two walls coming up about 2 mm apart. An 8 minute print to see how things would go. I couldn’t believe how bad one wall was and how much better the other was from each other. One barely printed just globs and the other almost looked good.
On a shitty note my laptop decided to ditch Slicr and the last settings on close that were the closest to good I have come. Sucked, but I half ass remember them. I am getting closer but I think the nozzle just isn’t the right combination of tip and tube. I was playing with the speeds and heat and nothing seemed very consistent. I am starting to think about a filter because I am in a Woodshop and saw something on the effects of dust on the prints. All about the filament picking dust up before it gets to the tube because of the static created. Thus clogging things up enough where it will run good some and run like shit some and so on. Just like the last print did. So a wipe on the filament with oil. I’m thinking that then maybe going through that tight tube will work with the 3mm. Sounds overkill but I will try anything at this point.
All that said I am closer and getting more confident that I will get this working soon. I just wish my new Budaschnozzle would come already. I am starting to think I am not going to get it.
I’ll get some more time at it tomorrow wish me luck!

If walls are working on one side, and not on the other side of the bed, the bed leveling may be off. On the side it didn’t stick, try adjusting the leveling screws in the corner of the bed. Counterclockwise will raise the bed, clockwise lowers it at that corner. Dust is the enemy of 3d prints sticking, you can wipe the bed with isopropyl alcholol (while the unit is off) to clean it prior to a print. Cold air can also cause prints to lift. The stock AO-101 PET tape also was never that great at adhesion, you really want to uopgrade it to a PEI or Buildtak sheet as soon as possible. Prefferably on an 8" x 8" aluminum bed plate in place of the glass.

Thanks walls are 2mms apart. I really can’t see bed leveling to be that much of an issue for this particular instance
I did take your advice and check with a digital caliper and I am within .05 of a mm. I’m calling that good. It must be something else.