Too much support adhesion with PETG

The supports adhesion to the model, using Esun PETG is too strong (requiring power tools etc.) PLA and ABS support just comes off, almost as if we have had years of experience printing with these polymers and as if the slicers were built around these materials for end-support-layer and model interface.

Has anyone come up with a good approach to reduce the model support adhesion through software. I have tried CURA and S3D; haven’t tried Slic3r.

Some thought I had but no experience in implementation.
-Underextrude terminal support layer
-Skip every other line (I know it sags too much if you take this idea too far)

For S3D, there’s a setting for how close to get the support to the main part. Have you tried increasing that a little? I haven’t noticed problems with support like this, but I don’t print a lot of parts with support…

Yes. Separation from the part is really the only way to help with support removal.

In Cura and S3D, the number of vertical layers can be specified for seperation… 1-2 seems to work well, but keep in mind this will vary for different layer heights. A .3 horizontal separation seems to work well… so a .3mm separation for vertical may work also, math will be necessary to get the number of layers which make up ~.3.

In S3D you can use manual placement of supports. It’s a little hard to find, and I have only used one time so I’m no expert for sure. Somebody else will need to fill in the details.

Thanks you for the tips. I will try out 0.3 mm and adjust from there.