V2 Dually nozzle from 2 Single Tool heads

So I just had a crazy thought… Purchase a second v2 Single Tool head, Print all the plastic parts, combine, and have a Dually for $175 ish. After some cursory research, it seems as everything will work. I’m going to have to source the screw on connector that fits the electronics housing, a few molex plugs, and 4 heat set nuts for the fans to mount into. Other then that, I should be able to scavenge everything else from the tool head that ships with the Taz, and the other single toolhead.

I’m going to look more into this this weekend. Surely someone has tried this before, right?

You will also need firmware that will work with the Hexagon dual. The dual firmware on the website is for the Budaschnozzle and not the Hexagon.

Ok, FW is out of my wheelhouse. I would have to have someone help me make the changes and compile it. I’ve also noticed there seems to be no provision for heat sync fans on the current dually files, or a way to mount the filament cooling fan on the secondary extruder.