TAZ 6 head w/ dual cooling fans


I have been thinking about getting a backup extruder head with the nozzle, cooling fans, etc. (this: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/tool-heads/lulzbot-taz-single-extruder-tool-head-v2). Now that the TAZ 6 is out will Lulzbot be offering the TAZ6 head with the upgraded cooling that could be mounted onto a TAZ 5?

I realize that there are some add on solutions to add a second cooling fan but I am not comfortable splicing wires to add one. I would primarily be wanting this due to the increased cooling capability. If anyone has any idea about this please let me know.


I am currently using one on my taz 5 and the left fan assembly collides with the z screw when homing so I fully expect this to break at some point. I wouldn’t expect them to offer this as a recommended upgrade for the 5 because of that.

Bummer. I guess there is always hope they can offer some kind of kit or conversion that might fix these issues to make them compatible.

You might be able to modify your start gcode to move the head to the right before you home the Z and then move it back before starting the actual print, but it wouldn’t be a straight upgrade without some tinkering.

Really, the wiring is easy as long as you can get the parts printed. If you follow the OHAI instructions and wiring diagrams, you can’t go wrong. But, if that’s not your bag, that’s cool too.