Toolhead with hardened lead-free nozzle for Mini 1?

I have a Mini 1 in its stock configuration, but would occasionally like to print with metal-filled filament, and don’t want to wear out the brass nozzle. I know I can buy a replacement nozzle cheap, but feel it’d be much easier and safer to invest in a second toolhead dedicated to metal prints, which can be swapped in or out quickly when the need arises. Some of my prints are also food-related, which makes me a bit reluctant to use a hardened steel nozzle, due to their lead content.

Both the Lulzbot HS and IT-Works Volcano toolheads have relatively large nozzle sizes (.8 and 1.2), but I’d prefer to print in higher detail (say .2 or .18), so would be interested in a .5 or maybe .4mm nozzle.

Does anyone know of a hardened toolhead compatible with the Mini 1 (with or without adapter) that doesn’t contain lead or is plated, and that allows for detailed prints using metal-filled filament? Or should I just buy a Mini toolhead and replace the stock brass nozzle with a .4mm Nozzle X?

Do you think for food-related prints a brass nozzle would be preferable to steel?

Not sure, but I’ve since learned that stainless isn’t good for abrasive filaments, so it’s off the list. I’ll likely go with a Nozzle X.

It probably depends upon the type of SS. Some are quite soft while others are extremely wear resistant. My mini nozzle is likely SS . Certainly not brass.