LulzBot v2 Hot End w/ stainless steel or other high quality nozzle?

I’m interested in a LulzBot v2 (Hexagon) Hot End with an installed nozzle which is chrome plated or perhaps stainless steel.

I’ve heard that the bronze nozzle can wear out if you use some types of filament. I’m also interested in reducing lead (from the bronze nozzle) in prints that I’d like to be food safe (PETG material).

I’ve seen that some people have installed 3rd party nozzles, but I don’t want to void my warranty on my nearly brand-new TAZ 5 and/or break stuff.

The TAZ 5 works so well, I don’t want to mess it up! :smiley:

I had to send an extruder in for repair. The hotend fan had failed and caused a heat creep jam. A bad one! In the process of trying to clear that jam, one of the thermistor wires broke. They repaired the problems and returned the toolhead to me with my non-stock 0.4mm nozzle installed. So, at least in that case, the nozzle swap did not void the warranty.

Now, if you swap a nozzle, do not tighten it properly and leak plastic all over your hotend, the repair might be on you. The worst case is that you would need to purchase a new hotend… Not a big deal.

Here is the nozzle of which you seek:

To be impervious to abrasive filament, get a hardened steel nozzle, not a stainless steel.