Using different filament ie HIPS, stainless, should I use a different tool head

I am going to buy a mini and wanted to know if I should buy a extra mini tool head v2 at $175. I will be using the standard filament like PLA, HIPS and will also be using bronze, stainless. I am wondering how abrasive these exotic filaments are to the print heads and if I should dedicate a tool head to the bronze, stainless, wood filaments. Thanks, I am getting excited.

An extra tool head seems a bit over the top expense wise.

Look at this thread about an apparently compatible steel nozzle:
This thread talks about replacing the nozzle:

Changing the nozzle is pretty easy actually but you will want t a torque wrench that will read 30 inch pounds. A basic setup will probably run about $70 – a really nice setup at least twice that: