Transfer 5lb filament roll to reel

Does anyone know how to easily transfer a 5lb abs filament roll to a reel? I remember seeing once a picture on the Lulzbot server of Lulzbot’s setup of using a cordless drill to power the orange reel to transfer the filament from a stand they made. I see they have a folder with the stl files, but I can’t remember how the setup looked like. I use the same reel pictured below, but can’t remember how to get the filament transferred quickly.

You can print a “key” that fits in the center hole of the orange spindle to roll it up that way, but I find it never comes off the 5lb roll right anyways so I just roll them on by hand. less broken filliament that way.

What holds the 5lb coil while you do this?

The floor, in theory. that or someone else. or a chair with a pointy thing taped to it. possibly a well trained pigmy goat.

We basically have an AO-100 filament holder(thicker parts than the 101) attached so that it lines up with the orange reel, then using a drill with the key mentioned earlier with one hand and the other to guides the filament so it spools evenly(wearing a deerskin work glove!). Usually takes about 5 minutes to spool each one.

This was done quite awhile ago, so the files are in an old location:




A guide on setting this up can be found here:

My pigmy goes home for the holidays and does not get back until mid January. Plus I try not to involve him, he eats all my filament.

Thanks Orias and Jebba, those were exactly the photos I was looking for. I learned the hard way to remove that hook at the center of the orange reel. At the end of a print, one of the loops of filament got stuck underneath it and the hobbled bolt was slowly pulling the entire orange reel up the side of the printer. :astonished: Luckily nothing got broken.

During my first attempt earlier this month of transferring ABS to the orange reel I only got about 25% of it transferred before the unreeled part started to get too tangled. Some of the abs came in contact with the floor and couches, etc. I noticed some small pieces of hair and dust stuck to it. So I put this small felt punching around the filament to wipe it as it goes into the printer. I was surprised how much it cleaned off, and it was only 25% of the full roll. I am also guessing not all that dirt was from me. I am curious what a new roll looks like that has not come in contact with much. If any of you have a piano technician, the small felt piece is called a “felt front rail punching.” They sometimes have some extra on hand, they come in different colors, though I would go for the white ones so you can see how much dirt it removes.

What other hardware is needed? Bearings?