AO-101 filament reel holders 31+, 50+ & 73+mm

Having got a 3rd different centre-hole-sized filament reel this week, I decided to create a simple quick-change holder for my Lulzbot AO-101.

There are four parts, part 1 is the key base section that is held in place by the original AO-101 filament holder bolt. Its radius matched the bolt head so the bolt also acts as an extension to the tube’s length.
Part 2: a 50+mm reel holder, slides over part 1
Part 3: a 73+mm reel holder, slides over part 2
Part 4: a 31+mm reel holder, slides over part 1
More pics and the STL files on thingiverse:
main bolt end:
50+mm reel holder:
73+mm reel holder:
31+mm reel holder:


Nice! Thanks for sharing the files. :slight_smile: