Translucent Filaments

I’m new to 3D printing and was looking for a translucent white filament. I’m hoping to create a shape that I could then put a light inside it and make the shape glow. I don’t want the shape to have a color to it because I want it to be a white glow. Any suggestions on a filament to use for this? I’m using a TAZ 6. Thank you.

I used “natural” HIPS for this lamp:

Looks white, definitely can’t see through it, but it does diffuse and transmit light. I also tried “clear” or “translucent” ABS and PETG – they transmitted the light better, but didn’t diffuse it as well. I also didn’t like the shiny finish of PETG for this particular project.

Check out what people are doing with lithophanes. I did some with white HIPS and put a Hue bulb inside of it. Quite a bit of fun.
I would think as long as you’re not thicker than a couple mm, it will definitely “glow” with whatever color light you’re shining through it.

When I bought my TAZ 6 it came with several different filaments- one is called High Performance HTPLA- never used it (don’t use PLA) but its clear and if it came directly from Lulzbot with one of their printers, so it must work with a TAZ 6? Have no idea what it looks like when printed out- may be one day when I’m bored I might just use it in an experiment.

You might want to look into some of the T-glase filaments. I made some decorations with with the green and light blue, and if you set them on top of an LED light base it makes them glow the color of the filament and it looks pretty cool. If you make the outer shell to thick it will prevent as much light from getting though, so you might want to keep that in mind if you try it out.