Troubleshooting print quality

So recently I just replaced my extruder on my lulzbot taz 6 in an attempt to allow it to complete prints, as there were unidentified problems with the previous unit. I am able to finish prints now, but there are some issues with gaps in between layers of the prints I am trying to make. Anyone have experience seeing this type of flaw before? Any suggestions would be appreciated and I can elaborate on more of my settings if necessary. Here is a link to the image of the print

Could you post the stl file for this model? It looks like there might be a couple printing issues there and this could be an issue of the original model having some errors that are leading to slicing problems. Some more information about your filament and print settings would also be really helpful to help narrow down the root of this issue.

Sure thing I have attached the model that I used for this post if someone would be kind enough to peek a look at it. I have since tried with two other prints, with varying levels of success That is an album of the new photos.
As for the stats of my current printing setup here are some of the things that could be relevant.
Filament : INOA-1800
Layer Height : 0.3mm
Shell Wall thickness : 1.5mm
Infill : 10%
Printing Temp :245*C
Print Speed : 50mm/s
Travel Speed 175mm/s
Coming Mode : No Skin
Any other settings that could be relevant?
hearthstone.stl (331 KB)

I took a quick look at it and the original .stl file is HUGE. In order to get it to fit on the bed, I have to scale it to 1% of its original size. Scaling by that much often introduces errors. I don’t know if this is the case for this model.

I print Inova-1800 at about half the speed you are. YMMV.

Cut the speed and used a different model and with tightening the belts, I got my first quality print since all these problems started. Thanks for the responses!! NOW I’m just having one problem left with my extruder starting to have a leak right above it that results in blobs coming down. Didn’t ruin my print, but it very well could in the future. Should I start a new thread with more details on this issue. Or does anyone have any advice on that problem. Somewhere I read about applying PTFE tape but I’m not sure how to put that onto the TAZ6

If the hot-end is still within the warranty period for it. I would contact support about the leak.