Trying to diagnose some strange noises - Workhorse printer

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a video. Two things are going on, a squeaking/whine sound. And also a clicking noise where the filament feed gear seems to be having trouble pulling the filament in.

The squeaking sound has been happening for a while, on and off. The clicking sound with the feed gear started today when I tried printing with some PETG.

I have tried loosening the tension on the feed without any luck. Also tightening, although I don’t think that is the problem. With the PETG I was printing earlier the gear was just biting into the filament and carving into it rather than moving it down the tube.

Is this a sign of a clog?

I am able to print with it, somewhat. Using Polymax PLA in the video below. It will intermittently start clicking and the gear will not push the filament through.

lulzbot noises - YouTube

Your YouTube video is private.

My mistake, it should be viewable now.

I have since replaced the toolhead with the 0.25 SL to continue printing. I was using the 0.5 toolhead that came with the printer before.

The squeaking noise, while annoying, doesn’t seem to have any impact on the print that I can tell. Not sure if this is a standard machine noise that I should be hearing or something to be concerned about. It doesn’t happen with the 0.25 SL head, only the 0.5 head. *correction, the SL head is squeaking now as well. Sounds like the kind of metal on metal friction sound that I shouldn’t be hearing, but i’m not sure what is causing it.

I’ve done 2 cold pulls with some PolyTerra PLA. Didn’t see any shmoo or anything in the plugs I pulled out. I guess I need to buy a needle to poke around in the hotend?

Urg that makes me cringe. The click sounds like a stepper skipping.

Our Workhorse makes that same clicking noise also. This thing has been glitchy since we bought it prior to the company’s move. They released it too soon. I’ve sent it back for repair twice already. Sorry i do not have a solution to your issue.

I found the issue to be some kind of clog in the toolhead. I resolved it by doing 2 cold pulls with some PLA filament. The toolhead does not print as well as it did before this happened, but it prints well enough. I believe the PETG that I tried printing with caused the problem, though I do not know in what way.