Clicking sounds on taz 5 printhead area

I’ve recently picked up a taz 5. After a lot of reading, and a couple calls to tech, I’m now getting pretty good prints with PLA. Thanks to everyone for all of the posted advice…

Now, something new happened tonight while printing. I was running .1mm fine setting using mattercontrol touch. About every few minutes there would be a loud clicking sound out of the printhead area. I am going to try the same print back at .2mm standard settings and see if it still does it tomorrow. The print came out looking mostly fine, but the noise is worrying me.

I’ve checked the first layer thickness and it’s .205 and I have it set to .2.

After slowing the print speed down, I seem to be getting pretty reliable results so far. I did have some chewed filament, but slowing print speed down seems to have corrected that…

Any ideas on what could be making the noise?

Check the tightness of the hobbed bolt nut. I have had some clicking problems when mine is loose.

I had clicking too. It turned out that the large herringbone gear was either out of round, or the center hole was off center.
As a result, the gears has some play at certain points, and were properly tight at others. I would get clicking on retracts when there was play in the gears. This was on a Hex head assembly I bought as an upgrade from the Buda, so I took the gear from the Buda assembly and the problem was reduced significantly.
So, double check there is no play (backlash) in the herringbone gears.


I tried the bolt, and couldn’t tighten it anymore. I do notice as I move the herringbone gears that they turn smoother in some spots. Some prints make the noise, some don’t. Seems like it’s always after a fast retract, forward movement.

Thanks for the tips though.