Tuning My Z-Offset Lulzbot Mini Help


I am trying to tune my Z-Offset for my Lulzbot Mini and I can’t seem to find the right height for my filament. Hopefully someone here might be able to lend a hand. I am using a Lulzbot Mini with the Aerostruder Upgrade. I am using Overture 2.85mm White PLA. I am also using the modular heated bed upgrade. I have tried adjusting Z-Offset in Cura with the M851 Command and M500 to save the setting, everywhere from -1.40 to -1.57 with not much change in results. I do have a E3D “Sock” on the end of my extruder (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07779TP4S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

Please see picture below and the attached STL file I have been using to test my Z-Level offset. I have tried with and without a heated bed with the same result.

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I have been trying to use this guide to find the right height:

Also I find it odd that things seem to work fine on the outside but then as you get closer to the center they start to warp. I have been printing on the center of my bed, and this is a band new piece of Glass/PEI but I have been having the issue since before I changed the print bed.

See G-Code Below of my most recent attempt without a heated bed:

;Generated by Cura LulzBot Edition GCodeWriter Version: 3.6.20
;Filament used: 0.181659m
;Layer height: 0.25
;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.6.20
M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
;This G-Code has been generated specifically for the LulzBot Mini with Aerostruder V1
M73 P0 ; clear GLCD progress bar
M75 ; Start GLCD Timer
G26 ; clear potential ‘probe fail’ condition
M107 ; disable fans
M420 S0 ; disable leveling matrix
G90 ; absolute positioning
M82 ; set extruder to absolute mode
G92 E0 ; set extruder position to 0
M140 S0 ; start bed heating up
G28 ; home all axes
G0 X0 Y187 Z156 F200 ; move away from endstops
M109 R140 ; soften filament before retraction
G1 E-15 F75 ; retract filament
M109 R140 ; wait for extruder to reach wiping temp
G1 X45 Y173 F11520 ; move above wiper pad
G1 Z0 F1200 ; push nozzle into wiper
G1 X42 Y173 Z-.5 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X52 Y171 Z-.5 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X42 Y173 Z0 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X52 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X42 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X52 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X42 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X52 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X57 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X77 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X57 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X77 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X57 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X87 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X77 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X97 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X77 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X97 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X77 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X97 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X107 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X97 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X107 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X97 Y171 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X107 Y173 F4000 ; wiping
G1 X112 Y171 Z-0.5 F1000 ; wiping
G1 Z10 ; raise extruder
G28 X0 Y0 ; home X and Y
G0 X0 Y187 F200 ; move away from endstops
M109 R140 ; wait for extruder to reach probe temp
M204 S300 ; set probing acceleration
G29 ; start auto-leveling sequence
M420 S1 ; enable leveling matrix
M425 Z ; use measured Z backlash for compensation
M425 Z F0 ; turn off measured Z backlash compensation. (if activated in the quality settings, this command will automatically be ignored)
M204 S2000 ; restore standard acceleration
G28 X0 Y0 ; re-home to account for build variance of earlier mini builds
G0 X0 Y187 F200 ; move away from endstops
G0 Y152 F4000 ; move in front of wiper pad
G4 S1 ; pause
M400 ; wait for moves to finish
M117 Heating… ; progress indicator message on LCD
M109 R200 ; wait for extruder to reach printing temp
M105; ; wait for bed to reach printing temp
G1 Z2 E0 F75 ; prime tiny bit of filament into the nozzle
M117 Mini Printing… ; progress indicator message on LCD

M221 S100 T0
G92 E0
G1 F600 E-1.5
G0 F2625 X49.47 Y49.577 Z0.425
G1 F600 E0
G1 F900 X49.724 Y49.335 E0.01169
G1 X50.147 Y48.987 E0.02993
G1 X50.616 Y48.705 E0.04816
G1 X51.121 Y48.494 E0.06639
G1 X51.651 Y48.358 E0.08462
G1 X52.122 Y48.305 E0.10041
G1 X53.114 Y48.255 E0.13349
G1 X53.304 Y48.25 E0.13982
G1 X100.889 Y48.258 E1.7249
G1 X101.167 Y48.268 E1.73416
G1 X101.998 Y48.33 E1.76192
G1 X102.539 Y48.411 E1.78014
G1 X103.063 Y48.569 E1.79837
G1 X103.559 Y48.802 E1.81663
G1 X104.015 Y49.105 E1.83487
G1 X104.444 Y49.494 E1.85416
G1 X104.669 Y49.732 E1.86507
G1 X105.015 Y50.156 E1.88329
G1 X105.296 Y50.626 E1.90154
G1 X105.505 Y51.132 E1.91977
G1 X105.638 Y51.663 E1.93801
G1 X105.688 Y52.094 E1.95246
G1 X105.744 Y53.073 E1.98512
G1 X105.75 Y53.288 E1.99229
G1 X105.733 Y101.565 E3.60041
G1 X105.693 Y102.111 E3.61865
G1 X105.574 Y102.645 E3.63687
G1 X105.378 Y103.157 E3.65513
G1 X105.226 Y103.448 E3.66607
G1 X105.043 Y103.763 E3.6782
G1 X104.734 Y104.215 E3.69644
G1 X104.362 Y104.617 E3.71469
G1 X103.937 Y104.961 E3.7329
G1 X103.465 Y105.239 E3.75115
G1 X102.973 Y105.441 E3.76886
G1 X102.645 Y105.549 E3.78037
G1 X102.114 Y105.682 E3.7986
G1 X101.472 Y105.737 E3.82006
G1 X53.112 Y105.742 E5.43095
G1 X52.833 Y105.732 E5.44025
G1 X52.002 Y105.67 E5.46801
G1 X51.461 Y105.589 E5.48623
G1 X50.937 Y105.431 E5.50446
G1 X50.441 Y105.198 E5.52272
G1 X49.985 Y104.895 E5.54095
G1 X49.456 Y104.396 E5.56518
G1 X49.209 Y104.113 E5.57769
G1 X48.88 Y103.675 E5.59594
G1 X48.618 Y103.195 E5.61415
G1 X48.429 Y102.681 E5.6324
G1 X48.317 Y102.145 E5.65064
G1 X48.284 Y101.649 E5.66719
G1 X48.254 Y53.14 E7.28305
G1 X48.261 Y52.904 E7.29091
G1 X48.314 Y52.058 E7.31915
G1 X48.388 Y51.515 E7.3374
G1 X48.54 Y50.989 E7.35564
G1 X48.768 Y50.491 E7.37389
G1 X49.065 Y50.032 E7.3921
G1 X49.47 Y49.577 E7.41239
G0 F2625 X49.815 Y49.939
G1 F900 X50.069 Y49.697 E7.42407
G1 X50.464 Y49.376 E7.44103
G1 X50.905 Y49.12 E7.45801
G1 X51.38 Y48.936 E7.47498
G1 X51.878 Y48.829 E7.49195
G1 X52.147 Y48.804 E7.50095
G1 X53.139 Y48.754 E7.53403
G1 X53.304 Y48.75 E7.53953
G1 X100.889 Y48.758 E9.1246
G1 X101.13 Y48.767 E9.13264
G1 X101.961 Y48.829 E9.1604
G1 X102.464 Y48.907 E9.17735
G1 X102.95 Y49.062 E9.19434
G1 X103.405 Y49.291 E9.21131
G1 X103.818 Y49.589 E9.22828
G1 X104.081 Y49.837 E9.24032
G1 X104.306 Y50.075 E9.25123
G1 X104.626 Y50.472 E9.26821
G1 X104.88 Y50.914 E9.28519
G1 X105.062 Y51.389 E9.30214
G1 X105.189 Y52.122 E9.32692
G1 X105.245 Y53.101 E9.35958
G1 X105.25 Y53.288 E9.36581
G1 X105.233 Y101.565 E10.97394
G1 X105.193 Y102.073 E10.99091
G1 X105.074 Y102.568 E11.00787
G1 X104.793 Y103.197 E11.03082
G1 X104.61 Y103.512 E11.04295
G1 X104.32 Y103.931 E11.05993
G1 X103.969 Y104.299 E11.07687
G1 X103.564 Y104.609 E11.09386
G1 X103.116 Y104.851 E11.11082
G1 X102.816 Y104.966 E11.12152
G1 X102.488 Y105.074 E11.13302
G1 X101.993 Y105.195 E11.15
G1 X101.472 Y105.237 E11.16741
G1 X53.112 Y105.242 E12.7783
G1 X52.87 Y105.233 E12.78636
G1 X52.039 Y105.171 E12.81412
G1 X51.536 Y105.093 E12.83108
G1 X51.05 Y104.938 E12.84807
G1 X50.595 Y104.709 E12.86504
G1 X50.182 Y104.411 E12.882
G1 X49.832 Y104.067 E12.89835
G1 X49.585 Y103.784 E12.91086
G1 X49.282 Y103.375 E12.92781
G1 X49.045 Y102.924 E12.94479
G1 X48.882 Y102.441 E12.96177
G1 X48.797 Y101.939 E12.97873
G1 X48.784 Y101.649 E12.9884
G1 X48.754 Y53.14 E14.60425
G1 X48.76 Y52.935 E14.61108
G1 X48.813 Y52.089 E14.63932
G1 X48.885 Y51.584 E14.65631
G1 X49.035 Y51.097 E14.67328
G1 X49.258 Y50.64 E14.69022
G1 X49.551 Y50.223 E14.7072
G1 X49.815 Y49.939 E14.72011
G1 F600 E13.22011
G0 F2625 X51.533 Y51.865
G0 X52.768 Y52.764
G0 X101 Y52.854
G0 X101 Y52.755
G1 F600 E14.72011
G1 F900 X101.25 Y52.755 E14.72844
G1 X101.25 Y53.005 E14.73383
G1 X101.245 Y101 E16.33256
G1 X101.245 Y101.25 E16.34089
G1 X100.995 Y101.25 E16.34627
G1 X52.753 Y101.245 E17.95323
G1 X52.754 Y53 E19.56029
G1 X52.754 Y52.75 E19.56862
G1 X53.004 Y52.75 E19.57401
G1 X101 Y52.755 E21.17277
G0 F2625 X101 Y52.854
G0 X52.824 Y52.82
G0 X52.254 Y52.555
G1 F900 X52.254 Y52.476 E21.1754
G1 X52.277 Y52.392 E21.1783
G1 X52.325 Y52.325 E21.18105
G1 X52.36 Y52.296 E21.18256
G1 X52.419 Y52.265 E21.18478
G1 X52.512 Y52.25 E21.18792
G1 X52.591 Y52.25 E21.19055
G1 X101.544 Y52.255 E22.82119
G1 X101.624 Y52.284 E22.82403
G1 X101.693 Y52.343 E22.82705
G1 X101.733 Y52.412 E22.82971
G1 X101.744 Y52.452 E22.83109
G1 X101.75 Y52.512 E22.8331
G1 X101.745 Y101.544 E24.46637
G1 X101.716 Y101.624 E24.46921
G1 X101.657 Y101.693 E24.47223
G1 X101.588 Y101.733 E24.47489
G1 X101.544 Y101.745 E24.47641
G1 X101.488 Y101.75 E24.47828
G1 X52.456 Y101.745 E26.11156
G1 X52.376 Y101.716 E26.11439
G1 X52.307 Y101.657 E26.11741
G1 X52.266 Y101.587 E26.12012
G1 X52.253 Y101.522 E26.12232
G1 X52.254 Y52.555 E27.75343
G0 F2625 X52.254 Y52.476
G0 X52.277 Y52.392
G0 X52.325 Y52.325
G0 X52.326 Y52.324
G0 X52.824 Y52.82
G0 X53.244 Y53.24
G1 F900 X100.76 Y53.245 E29.33621
G1 X100.755 Y100.76 E30.91895
G1 X53.243 Y100.755 E32.50159
G1 X53.244 Y53.24 E34.08433
G0 F2625 X53.86 Y100.529
G1 F900 X53.467 Y100.136 E34.10285
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y99.429
G1 F900 X54.567 Y100.529 E34.15467
G0 F2625 X55.274 Y100.529
G1 F900 X53.467 Y98.722 E34.23979
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y98.015
G1 F900 X55.981 Y100.529 E34.35822
G0 F2625 X56.688 Y100.529
G1 F900 X53.467 Y97.308 E34.50995
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y96.601
G1 F900 X57.395 Y100.529 E34.69499
G0 F2625 X58.102 Y100.529
G1 F900 X53.467 Y95.894 E34.91334
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y95.187
G1 F900 X58.81 Y100.529 E35.16501
G0 F2625 X59.517 Y100.529
G1 F900 X53.467 Y94.48 E35.44999
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y93.772
G1 F900 X60.224 Y100.53 E35.76832
G0 F2625 X60.932 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y93.065 E36.11999
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y92.358
G1 F900 X61.639 Y100.53 E36.50495
G0 F2625 X62.346 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y91.651 E36.92322
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y90.944
G1 F900 X63.053 Y100.53 E37.3748
G0 F2625 X63.76 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y90.237 E37.85968
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y89.53
G1 F900 X64.467 Y100.53 E38.37787
G0 F2625 X65.174 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y88.823 E38.92936
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y88.116
G1 F900 X65.881 Y100.53 E39.51416
G0 F2625 X66.588 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y87.409 E40.13227
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y86.701
G1 F900 X67.296 Y100.53 E40.78372
G0 F2625 X68.003 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y85.994 E41.46848
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y85.287
G1 F900 X68.71 Y100.53 E42.18655
G0 F2625 X69.418 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y84.58 E42.93794
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y83.873
G1 F900 X70.125 Y100.53 E43.72265
G0 F2625 X70.832 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y83.166 E44.54065
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y82.459
G1 F900 X71.539 Y100.53 E45.39196
G0 F2625 X72.246 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y81.752 E46.27658
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y81.045
G1 F900 X72.953 Y100.53 E47.1945
G0 F2625 X73.661 Y100.531
G1 F900 X53.467 Y80.337 E48.1458
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y79.63
G1 F900 X74.368 Y100.531 E49.1304
G0 F2625 X75.075 Y100.531
G1 F900 X53.467 Y78.923 E50.14831
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y78.216
G1 F900 X75.782 Y100.531 E51.19953
G0 F2625 X76.489 Y100.531
G1 F900 X53.467 Y77.509 E52.28405
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y76.802
G1 F900 X77.196 Y100.531 E53.40187
G0 F2625 X77.904 Y100.531
G1 F900 X53.467 Y76.095 E54.55303
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y75.388
G1 F900 X78.611 Y100.531 E55.73748
G0 F2625 X79.318 Y100.531
G1 F900 X53.467 Y74.681 E56.95525
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y73.973
G1 F900 X80.025 Y100.531 E58.20634
G0 F2625 X80.733 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y73.266 E59.49079
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y72.559
G1 F900 X81.44 Y100.532 E60.80854
G0 F2625 X82.147 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y71.852 E62.1596
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y71.145
G1 F900 X82.854 Y100.532 E63.54396
G0 F2625 X83.561 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y70.438 E64.96162
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y69.731
G1 F900 X84.268 Y100.532 E66.4126
G0 F2625 X84.975 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y69.024 E67.89687
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y68.317
G1 F900 X85.682 Y100.532 E69.41446
G0 F2625 X86.39 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y67.61 E70.96537
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y66.902
G1 F900 X87.097 Y100.532 E72.54961
G0 F2625 X87.804 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y66.195 E74.16716
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y65.488
G1 F900 X88.512 Y100.532 E75.81803
G0 F2625 X89.219 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y64.781 E77.50221
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y64.074
G1 F900 X89.926 Y100.532 E79.2197
G0 F2625 X90.633 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y63.367 E80.97049
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y62.66
G1 F900 X91.34 Y100.532 E82.75459
G0 F2625 X92.047 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y61.953 E84.57199
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y61.246
G1 F900 X92.754 Y100.532 E86.42269
G0 F2625 X93.461 Y100.532
G1 F900 X53.467 Y60.538 E88.30673
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y59.831
G1 F900 X94.169 Y100.533 E90.22412
G0 F2625 X94.876 Y100.533
G1 F900 X53.467 Y59.124 E92.17481
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y58.417
G1 F900 X95.583 Y100.533 E94.15881
G0 F2625 X96.29 Y100.533
G1 F900 X53.467 Y57.71 E96.17611
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y57.003
G1 F900 X96.998 Y100.533 E98.22675
G0 F2625 X97.705 Y100.533
G1 F900 X53.467 Y56.296 E100.31069
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y55.589
G1 F900 X98.412 Y100.533 E102.42793
G0 F2625 X99.119 Y100.533
G1 F900 X53.467 Y54.882 E104.57848
G0 F2625 X53.467 Y54.174
G1 F900 X99.826 Y100.533 E106.76236
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y100.53
G1 F900 X53.467 Y53.467 E108.9794
G0 F2625 X54.172 Y53.465
G1 F900 X100.53 Y99.823 E111.16323
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y99.116
G1 F900 X54.879 Y53.465 E113.31376
G0 F2625 X55.587 Y53.465
G1 F900 X100.53 Y98.409 E115.43095
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y97.702
G1 F900 X56.294 Y53.465 E117.51484
G0 F2625 X57.001 Y53.465
G1 F900 X100.53 Y96.995 E119.56543
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y96.288
G1 F900 X57.708 Y53.465 E121.58271
G0 F2625 X58.415 Y53.465
G1 F900 X100.53 Y95.581 E123.56669
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y94.873
G1 F900 X59.122 Y53.465 E125.51733
G0 F2625 X59.829 Y53.465
G1 F900 X100.53 Y94.166 E127.43467
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y93.459
G1 F900 X60.537 Y53.466 E129.31866
G0 F2625 X61.244 Y53.466
G1 F900 X100.53 Y92.752 E131.16935
G0 F2625 X100.53 Y92.045
G1 F900 X61.951 Y53.466 E132.98673
G0 F2625 X62.658 Y53.466
G1 F900 X100.53 Y91.338 E134.7708
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y90.631
G1 F900 X63.365 Y53.466 E136.52159
G0 F2625 X64.073 Y53.466
G1 F900 X100.531 Y89.924 E138.23905
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y89.217
G1 F900 X64.78 Y53.466 E139.92321
G0 F2625 X65.487 Y53.466
G1 F900 X100.531 Y88.51 E141.57406
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y87.803
G1 F900 X66.194 Y53.466 E143.19161
G0 F2625 X66.901 Y53.466
G1 F900 X100.531 Y87.096 E144.77585
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y86.389
G1 F900 X67.609 Y53.467 E146.32673
G0 F2625 X68.316 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.531 Y85.682 E147.84432
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y84.975
G1 F900 X69.023 Y53.467 E149.3286
G0 F2625 X69.73 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.531 Y84.268 E150.77957
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y83.56
G1 F900 X70.437 Y53.467 E152.19721
G0 F2625 X71.144 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.531 Y82.853 E153.58155
G0 F2625 X100.531 Y82.146
G1 F900 X71.851 Y53.467 E154.93258
G0 F2625 X72.559 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.532 Y81.44 E156.25033
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y80.733
G1 F900 X73.266 Y53.467 E157.53478
G0 F2625 X73.973 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.532 Y80.026 E158.78592
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y79.318
G1 F900 X74.681 Y53.467 E160.00371
G0 F2625 X75.388 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.532 Y78.611 E161.18819
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y77.904
G1 F900 X76.095 Y53.467 E162.33937
G0 F2625 X76.802 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.532 Y77.197 E163.45724
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y76.49
G1 F900 X77.509 Y53.467 E164.54181
G0 F2625 X78.216 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.532 Y75.783 E165.59307
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y75.076
G1 F900 X78.923 Y53.467 E166.61102
G0 F2625 X79.63 Y53.467
G1 F900 X100.532 Y74.369 E167.59567
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y73.662
G1 F900 X80.337 Y53.467 E168.54702
G0 F2625 X81.045 Y53.468
G1 F900 X100.532 Y72.955 E169.46501
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y72.248
G1 F900 X81.752 Y53.468 E170.3497
G0 F2625 X82.459 Y53.468
G1 F900 X100.532 Y71.541 E171.20108
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y70.834
G1 F900 X83.167 Y53.468 E172.01914
G0 F2625 X83.874 Y53.468
G1 F900 X100.532 Y70.127 E172.80388
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y69.42
G1 F900 X84.581 Y53.468 E173.55533
G0 F2625 X85.288 Y53.468
G1 F900 X100.532 Y68.713 E174.27346
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y68.005
G1 F900 X85.995 Y53.468 E174.95827
G0 F2625 X86.702 Y53.468
G1 F900 X100.532 Y67.298 E175.60978
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y66.591
G1 F900 X87.41 Y53.469 E176.22793
G0 F2625 X88.117 Y53.469
G1 F900 X100.532 Y65.884 E176.81277
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y65.177
G1 F900 X88.824 Y53.469 E177.36431
G0 F2625 X89.531 Y53.469
G1 F900 X100.532 Y64.47 E177.88255
G0 F2625 X100.532 Y63.763
G1 F900 X90.238 Y53.469 E178.36748
G0 F2625 X90.945 Y53.469
G1 F900 X100.532 Y63.056 E178.8191
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y62.349
G1 F900 X91.653 Y53.469 E179.23742
G0 F2625 X92.36 Y53.469
G1 F900 X100.533 Y61.642 E179.62243
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y60.935
G1 F900 X93.067 Y53.469 E179.97414
G0 F2625 X93.774 Y53.469
G1 F900 X100.533 Y60.228 E180.29254
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y59.521
G1 F900 X94.482 Y53.47 E180.57759
G0 F2625 X95.189 Y53.47
G1 F900 X100.533 Y58.814 E180.82934
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y58.107
G1 F900 X95.896 Y53.47 E181.04778
G0 F2625 X96.603 Y53.47
G1 F900 X100.533 Y57.4 E181.23291
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y56.692
G1 F900 X97.31 Y53.47 E181.38472
G0 F2625 X98.017 Y53.47
G1 F900 X100.533 Y55.985 E181.50322
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y55.278
G1 F900 X98.724 Y53.47 E181.58841
G0 F2625 X99.431 Y53.47
G1 F900 X100.533 Y54.571 E181.6403
G0 F2625 X100.533 Y53.864
G1 F900 X100.139 Y53.47 E181.65886
G1 F600 E180.15886
M140 S0
M400 ; wait for moves to finish
M140 S0 ; start bed cooling
M104 S0 ; disable hotend
M107 ; disable fans
G92 E5 ; set extruder to 5mm for retract on print end
M117 Cooling please wait ; progress indicator message on LCD
G1 X5 Y5 Z158 E0 F10000 ; move to cooling position
G1 E5 ; re-prime extruder
M105; ; wait for bed to cool down to removal temp
M77 ; Stop GLCD Timer
G1 X145 F1000 ; move extruder out of the way
G1 Y175 F1000 ; present finished print
M140 S0; keep temperature or cool down
M84 ; disable steppers
G90 ; absolute positioning
M117 Print Complete. ; print complete message

M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
;End of Gcode

I think the washers are 1.5mm thick. I’m not at my printer but it occurs to me that I adjusted mine to the neighborhood of -1.1 to -1.2. So your offset of -1.4 could be raised (a less negative value) and see how that works. Maybe try -1.3 or -1.2?

You want a little squish on layer #1 … but you can also achieve that by adjusting the slicer settings. You can adjust the extrusion flow specific to layer #1… sometimes I’ll push that up to around 105-110% just for layer #1.

Awesome. I guess I need to adjust more than I need too. I ended up with 1.2 as my final height and it seems to be working really well. Thank you! I thought I was too far this whole time when in fact I was squishing my prints too much! Thank you!