Two PC rolls arrived from Lulzbot, both seals broken.

I was just wondering if other forum members experienced this before.

I purchase filament all the time, and always they arrive vacuum sealed.
Not today. I ordered and received two rolls of Lulzbot Polycarbonate rolls and BOTH seals of the plastic bags were broken. I am very confident that those seals were broken intentionally.

Considering that the two items cost $150, I view these purchases as expensive investments, like rare wine or even medical supplements. Perhaps more importantly, since these filaments turn into products, the quality of my prints have to be the very best I can offer.

Let’s see if Lulzbot/Aleph will allow these filament to be returned.

In my much younger days, I remember I had crappy jobs, so I feel very sorry for whoever is in the fulfilment/deliveries line for Lulzbot intentionally piercing and breaking the seals prior to delivery.

P.S. I repaired the idler and the bubbling heated bed on my Taz 5 - and did not bother to send it back even if it was under warranty. So I can claim that I am not fond of complaining. Rather, I am worried when one bad apple makes the rest of the company look bad as well.



Please contact Support at We would be more then happy to get this taken care of for you.

Just some information for you on the filament and the seal. Filaments such as these may not always be vacuumed sealed depending on the vendor. Sealed but not necessarily vacuum sealed.

I hope this helps,