Unboxing my TAZ 5 ... What a great day this was!

Well, this isn’t so much to show off what I can do with my new TAZ 5 (that will come as soon as my filament arrives)… then we’ll see what I can do with this machine… This post is actually for my son.

I ended up buying this printer as much for him as it was for me. After a school field trip to a local college, we both became very interested in 3D printing. Shortly there-after, we decided we wanted our own to play with and learn together on.

This is my son un-boxing our new TAZ 5 printer.


If you like the video, please do comment (my son would be over the moon to receive some feedback).

I have to say, looking at what the Lulzbot guys put together, it is one very NICE machine. The 3D printed parts on this printer look so much nicer than they appear in many of the TAZ 4 videos I’ve seen. Don’t know if you guys have stepped up your game on the TAZ 5, but this machine looks very polished.

We have yet to assemble it, but truth be told, simply didn’t have time today to do so. This weekend we’ll find the time to do that.

So looking forward to our future with this great looking printer.


Thanks! That is the first TAZ 5 unboxing video I’ve seen. I apparently don’t know how to use the internet, because I can’t comment on youtube (perhaps a good thing). I really liked the video, nice details. Good perusing of the manual. I’m glad he knows not to use the blue knife! Very sharp, be careful.

The TAZ 4 and 5 are the same except for the all metal hot end and the PEI bed. There hasn’t been any significant change in the printed parts. So it may just be the pics showed finer details that you actually see in reality, so they look better. I’m glad you like it.

Happy hacking,


And you even made a cameo appearance in the mirror. Well done!

Hope you’re enjoying the printer as much as i’m enjoying my!

I need to get one of these… I best start saving. :cry:

I just watched your vid, and I think your son did a great job! He spoke clearly and didn’t seem “camera shy” at all. And he can speed read (the user manual) like a beast! :slight_smile: