remake of:

I got the print settings from the original link comments (331035 above)

Lulzbot 6
Lulzbot Cura 21.04
.5 nozzle
.22 Layer height
92% - Flow
1.5mm - Top/bottom thickness
1.5mm - Shell thickness
235C - Hotend Temp
95C - Hotbed Temp
50mm/s - Print Speeds
Support Everywhere
Brim - 4 mm (20 Lines)

Support settings:
Lines - Structure type
60 - Overhang angle
30 - Fill amount %
1.5mm - Distance X/Z
0.15mm - Distance Z

1st try:
Happy with front of Robot appearance wise.
Heads swivels nicely
Arm sockets, joints, ankles all work fine.
Support and brim pull away nicely.
Nearly perfect model but back of arms sag.

2nd try:
Speed to 40mm/s
230C Hotend
85C Hotbed
pic is of the 2nd try

(Time lapse, just because I like making them)

Any suggestions on how to print the under hangs better. I’ve used supports, slowed the printing speed down, and lowered temps of hotend and hotbed, which helped some. But no droopy arm backs would be nice.

Could it be the support settings? Maybe lower overhang angle? Change support fill amount?