What's causing this?

Good morning everyone, I am in need of some help with my Lulzbot Taz 5. I am having an issue printing objects. I have tried printing objects and it always seems to mess up on overhangs even when support is turned on in Cura. The current system I am using is a Lulzbot Taz 5 with the Dual Extruder V2. I am using Cura 18.04 as well. I have attached photos of my latest print and the settings I used as well. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
Charmander.ini (11.2 KB)

Those issues with overhangs are difficult to cure… well becuase you’re essentially printing on air in some of the instances. So the key is to find the right extrusion temp and cooling mix to ensure the the extruded material solidifies quickly, and more importantly where you want it.

I’m not an avid user of Cura, but the following should help with overhangs:

  • Print at lowest extrusion temp possible while maintaining adhesion to previous layer and adjacent extrusion.
  • Apply / increase cooling. Not necessarily at 100%, but enough to help solidify the extrusion where its deposited.
  • Slow down the print. This will almost always improve surface quality.
  • Infill overlap, try increasing a bit… my need to lower flow rate to compensate.
  • Increase the wall thickness to ensure number of perimeters outlines… Consider making the thickness a multiple of your extrusion width (ie, 1.5mm for a .5 extrusion width should yield 3 perimeter outlines vs 1.5mm for .6 extusion width yielding 2.???) for better control.

Keep in mind that each of those parameters can influence the other. For instance, cooling should be less when slowing down a print otherwise the extruded filament could harden too quickly without bonding to the previous layer or extrusion. Lower extrusion temp could benefit from less cooling.

Don’t make too many changes at once… you’ll never know what helped the print.

Hope that helps… sorry I don’t have a “silver bullet” to remedy.