Upgraded TAZ 4/5/6 Color LCD screen

Forgive me in advance if this topic has been covered but I didn’t find anything in the Comprehensive list of Mods thread so i figure it hasn’t been asked.

I would love to replace my stock LCD with a nicer (color) lcd. I’ve wanted something like this for some time and it occurred to me once again last night as I was looking on Ebay for a voltage regulator and came across this cool looking item with an awesome color screen. It seemed to be overkill for the sake of overkill… which is exactly what I would like for my TAZ. :smiley:

I won’t lie, the primary reason would be because it would be cool looking but I would also like to extend the cable on it and mount it on the outside of my enclosure and possibly even mount it on a ball joint so I could tilt and position it for easier reading from any position. Bigger text, customizable colors etc.

Has anyone seen a project like this. Also, i’m quite familiar with other solutions like MatterControl Touch and Octoprint including the different plugins for touchui etc but neither is quite what i’m after. Also, I print directly from Simplify3D and not from the SD card. I would really just like all of the content seen on the LCD today but on a color screen. I realize that like has much to do with the firmware, and maybe that’s why this doesn’t exist yet?? Thought it might be an interesting discussion at least.

This one should theoretically work, though the pins it uses might be a bit scattered on the Rambo. www.makerbase.com.cn/en/product/detail.php/id-18.html

You’re going to have a lot of code to change…