TAZ 5 Extruder 0 stopped working

I have a stock (single extruder) TAZ 5 purchased in 2015. It has worked great until today. One print failed because the extruder stopped partway through. I’ve had problems with filament binding lately and thought nothing of it. Next print put down one layer then stopped. The motor was super hot so my initial thought was overheating. It’s hot here today. That isn’t the problem, the motor is fine.

Verify extruder stepper works: hooked to X axis and it works just fine.
Verify wires are good: checked wire resistance and wired the extruder to the X stepper on the main board, works fine.
Verify fuses: 15A fuse is good, 2x LF5A are good, verified visually and checked resistance

Conclusion: either the board is bad or I’m missing a fuse. I only checked visually, I’ll have a go at something official later. I have confirmed hooking the X stepper to the extruder output on the board does not work, the X stepper won’t move.

So what are my options? I have a single extruder, no plans to go dual. Could I make extruder 1 the primary, basically swap it with extruder 0? Anything more to verify on the board? I was hoping to find a frayed wire or something else simple but I am a bit stuck.


I believe that if you change to extruder 1 on the board, you will have to (compile and) load custom firmware.

Thanks, been poking around the firmware source and just found “LULZBOT_SWAP_EXTRUDERS”, it does exactly what I want. Hoping I can also find some firmware with this already built so I don’t have to figure out how to correctly compile this…

I’m very interested to hear if this solves your problem as I’m having largely the same one.

A few minutes into a print the extruder stops working properly. I tried multiple settings and changes but keep having the problem, so I figured it’s one of the following: the board is on its way out, the motor is on its way out (less likely), there’s an issue with the files or the SD card, or the hotend came loose and filament is getting jammed as it retracts.

I’ve disassembled and cleaned the hotend multiple times, changed the nozzle, and did cold pulls to see what the inside looks like, and things seem good. I’m currently testing gcode files and SD card. I’m at a loss though. Would love to hear if your successful with this or if anyone else has attempted to fix this problem.