Using stainless steel and bronze filament

Hi, I just got my mini and it’s working great!! I want to use stainless steel and bronze filament. Does any know how long the nozzle will last? I am assuming that it’s the nozzle that will have to be replaced after awhile. Thanks. Pinting a Orchid pod container with ventilation on the sides.

the metal based filliaments are basically like running fine grit sandpaper through your nozzle. A hardened steel E3D V6 nozzle (which will fit the hexagon hotend) will last longer than the brass ones, but how long the stock one will last is really a variable thing based off the specific brand of filliament. It will probably last months before it gets too out of shape for accuracy, but whether thats 2 months or 12, I can’t say.

Another thing to remember is you are also running the filament through the idler block which just ABS. So it will cut through it pretty easily, so keep an eye on the channel on the top of the idler for excess wear there.

thank you Piercet! you just solved the sourcing problem for my 0.6 mm nozzle for the flexstruder V2 I am building!