Stainless steel.5mm nozzle

Greetings I was wondering what are the exact measurements for the stock .5mm nozzle on the lulzbot mini and would replacing the brass nozzle with a stainless one provide any benefit? Also would the auto level still work?

What do you mean with exact measurements? A tech. drawing? There was one sometime, maybe you can find it when searching ther forum…
A steel nozzle shouldn’t impact the autolevel process. It will withstand abrasive filaments (filaments with particles of stone or metal) better than the brass nozzle, beside that there is no difference.

Thanks for the reply. By exact I didn’t really mean a drawing or anything. When shopping the nozzles I seen many different sizes for .5mm and want to be sure to replace with the same size as what’s included with the machine now. I did try and search first but didn’t find what I was looking for.

You have to be shure it’s a 0.5mm nozzle for a hexagon hotend, for 3mm filament. This are the only dimensions that are relevant. 0.5mm nozzles from e3d can be used as well.

I’ve read that you may need to raise your temps a bit due to the fact that the SS nozzles do not retain heat to the extent that the brass does.

I have also read on the forum that the E3D V6 nozzles will fit the hexagon heater block. I have not tried it myself, however.

ED3 V6 nozzles are compatible. I have an assortment of nozzle sizes. .25 is my current favorite for detail, but I have some .20 nozzles I want to try out too. I would only really consider SS nozzles for high wear filaments like carbon or stone.


Did you ever get an answer to you question? I too am wondering what is the LENGTH of the nozzle required?

I can find “0.5mm” “0.3mm” “1.75mm”, etc ,etc, versions for the size of the opening and M6x1 threads but I also find different lengths listed for sale for the thread body.

I think the stock nozzle is only 6mm from the base to the tip, but I have seen longer ones listed.

A longer nozzle is likely to bottom out before the flange can create a good seal on the outside of the hotend, but I am wondering if it was too long would it possibly seal internally?

I suppose I could always buy a longer nozzle and file it down to fit. But that would really only be something I’d want to do on brass. A stainless nozzle would be a pain in the ass to file, and I wouldn’t want to risk damaging a ruby tip nozzle.

So it would be really nice to see some specs listed.

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