Very bad results, extruder rubbing layer and more..

I’ve finally received my taz 5 and after assembling and leveling the bed (leveled with a digital dial indicator and it’s leveled +/- 0.01 mm) I can’t have a single good print.
I’m using Hatchbox 3.00mm PLA (bed temperature 55/60 C, extruder temperature 160/200 C) and I sliced mainly with lulzbot cura with default profiles, but I’ve tried with simplify 3D and Slic3r too.

All the results are quite horrible (even with a low expectation) but I can’t understand why they are so bad. I can’t believe that those are the average Taz 5 results.

My main issues are:

  1. a very bad first layer
  2. the rubbing of the extruder on the previous layer.
  3. a popping sound from the extruder

I’ve run a lot of times the bed leveling print and looking at that print I think there is a right distance between the bed and the extruder.

here are some photos of my leveling results and my print errors:

thank you in advance for any help :slight_smile:

That sounds like over extrusion to me. Have you calibrated your esteps and then extrusion multiplier for the filament you are using? When I print hatchbox pla on my ender 3 I print at 215c temps and my extrusion multiplier is around .95 if I remember correctly but it will be different depending on nozzle size.

This should give you a general idea for estep calibration

This is an overall calibration guide for the extruder

Thank you for your reply, I I’m using the standard Taz 5 extruder with 0.5 nozzle, 'll try to check the extruder calibration.

I’ve tried to calibrate the extruder a couple of time (can’t figure out why one day is ok and the next one is 2mm/1.80mm different). After that, using a polimaker PLA I’ve achieved a pretty good result trying to print benchy: