Taz 5 HELP! first layer failing pretty bad.

Okay so, I have a Taz 5 and it is having a few different issues.

It is my first 3D printer so please bear with me.

The PLA filament is grinding up inside the extruder, the extruder is clicking maybe every 2 minutes before grinding, the filament starts to print perfect on the first layer, but slowly degrades to a shredded type layer, then it becomes strands, which then the extruder stops extruding and grinds the filament. PLA temp is the requested 205 head and 60 nozzle.

I have tried to level the bed and set the nozzle distance, but apparently it is off, but i am not sure in what direction, please advice me so I can get back to printing!

Thank you for your time and advice.

From the bit of waviness on the top left corner of the first layer, it may be that the first layer is a bit too close to the bed. That could cause that filament stripping over time. Give that Z-axis endstop screw an adjustment, just a quarter turn up at a time, and see if that helps the issue!

I’d try tightening your Idler arm screws a bit and maybe back the nozzle slightly away from the bed a quarter turn or so.