Volcano/E3D on a mini?

Just wondering if anyone has tried it? I’m interested as I have some projects in mind that are large, but need little detail. So huge layers are no problem. I saw a few posts discussing it with a Taz, but I know the mounts and such are a bit different.

We are currently working on a high flow tool head code named “opah.” You can find our source files (which should help for modifying) here: https://code.alephobjects.com/diffusion/TAZTHOPAH/

We hope this helps!

I like the extra support at the top of the extruder. Might have to print that out for the current tool head. Looks like this would work with the standard hexagon hotend. Or is it sitting higher on the Opah. (PS, How do you guys come up with your code names)

It should be compatible with your existing tool head, you will just want to print out the updated extruder body as well so that cap has something to screw into.

One thing to note, Opah uses an E3D hot end. If there is anything you will need to modify, it will be the depth of the extruder body where the hexagon hot end enters.


Ahh had almost missed the naming convention. Everything has a category. Mini = Flowers, TAZ = Trees, Tool Heads = Fish, etc. We just name the revisions in alphabetical order.