Hexagon Hot End STL?

Does anyone have the correct Hex hot end stl, obj, blend, etc?

I exported the Hex hot end from the Dual Extruder 2.0 dual2.0.blend file. I compared it to a new hex hot end I stripped off a brand new extruder 2.0 I bought directly from the Lulz’ store.

The hex mesh from blender is not dimensionally correct with the real hot end. For example, the heat sink fin height in real life is 14.85mm as measured by calipers. The fins in the mesh are much taller at 21.7mm.

The heater block is the same size width and depth but its height differs considerably between the actual hot end and the one in the blender file.

Sounds like you might a model of the “real” (reprapdiscount) hexagon hotend. Lulzbot modified / optimized their hexagon hotend (shorter heatsink, taller heater block).

Ok, so is there a mesh or cad file for the Lulz’ version of the hot end?

Or should I be working with the modified one at all? I can’t order a hex hot end from the lulz store so I am thinking I should order them from reprap and use their STL?

Don’t know if there is a mesh of the lulzbot hex out in the wild…

I’m in a similar predicament… and considering going with one of the more standard hotends. While I think the Lulzbot hex mod works well and is clean, I just don’t know when they may be available.

Moving from LB’s hex would require possibly a slight mod in the toolhead mount… I’d like to achieve the same nozzle height on the standard hexagon (or E3D-V6), so I can continue to use the LB hex. Also want to create a 20x20 boxfan duct for the heatsinks (the blower seems to be another difficult part to source).

Interesting to reverse engineer the LB hex, do you think they were trying to shorten the heatsink to work with the micro-blower? Or did the shorten the heatsink to accommodate the larger heater block? Maybe their version of the hex is v2 from reprapdiscount…

Anyway, I’m happy with the LB hex I have right now… and I’ve got one of each of the other hotends in a 1.75 flavor to experiment if I get the itch. :slight_smile:

Well, I am happy with the single extruder hex as well. Mostly. That itty bitty fan is growling all the time and its noisy as hell. Think mine’s bearings are going already as I can hear it shift and change noise levels time to time and thats usually a sign of bearing failure in fans. Can’t believe its only lasted a couple months before showing signs of failure.

I am penciling out some designs for a dual extruder with hex hot ends as well as some mods to the wades that will allow it to do flexible filaments like ninja and still access the hobbed bolt for cleaning. And I want to get rid of that nasty noise maker and go with a larger lower RPM fan with more CFM. Lower RPM usually means less noise.

I am also toying with the idea of water cooling the hot end and eliminating the heat sink fans entirely.

Because of these, I am wanting to design for hot ends people can actually buy and I can’t buy a Lulz Hex short of buying the whole head.

Yep… The little fan is loud. Didn’t realize it was making the buzzing noise unitl recently. And I’ve been meaning to stick a little patch of dynamat to reduce the vibrations and noise. Since its on whenever the machine is on, I’ve been very conscious of turning the printer off when not in use.

Eager to see what you come up with. I have the same aspirations of a dual all-metal setup. I think it might be a Bowden / compact direct drive setup. Have a CNC machine on the way so I hope to get proficient enough to fabricate a dual j-plate from aluminum.

Well, I ordered 4 different 5v 30mm fans off ebay last night. I will compare the 4 and see which is quieter and still moves sufficient volume and design for that one. They all are US sourced (though made in China) and all similar in price, around $5. By limiting to US sources and $5, that will eliminate both shipping time and cost problems for anyone wanting to use my design(s). I also put in an order at digikey for a bunch of the connectors lulz used for the head so I can put the same connector on my rig so it plugs right in the same place.

I started work in Modo on mods to the single extruder to replace the tiny fan with a more robust 30mm 5v fan. That should keep the top end much cooler and the thermal transition zone closer to the heater block. It will also give me a foundation to use for a dual all metal hot end dualie using a single fan for the cooling of the upper fins and seperate fans for the extrusion cooling. I want to get the single extruder design down first though and I have some decisions to make.

I did find in some obscure directory a hex stl with Lulz’ design. One with mounting plate, one without. But, I am really considering moving from the hex to a E3D v6. It seems much more widely supported and accepted than the hex and given the inability to order a Lulz’ Hex, well the E3D is looking real good.

So, the biggest decision is whether to abandon the hex hot end or not. I just don’t know enough about the differences between the two hot ends yet to make that decision. For now, I will continue with the Hex as I have one in hand to work with for the single extruder design changes. The problem will come when I begin working on the dual extruder. I simply can’t order a Lulz Hex. And if I can’t order the hot ends, then designing something for them is pointless. So that alone is swaying me toward E3D v6.

By making that little fan 5v and the others 24v, they eliminated a lot of the 12v fans from the computer industry. There are a LOT of 12v fans that are designed to be very quiet and still move decent supplies of air. Not so much in the 5v and 24v ranges though.

As open sourced as this machine is, it seems there are ties back to company. Which I would be okay with for brand loyalty. But the lack of spares and parts is a problem.

I got my reprapdiscount hex online from amazon… $50 with free two day shipping (Prime). The E3D I got from UK… FedEx international priority $11, but got it in 3 days.

I was planing to order the E3D from Matterhackers as they are US based and have free shipping. This would avoid all the overseas shipping nightmare I have been caught up in lately. Reprap had 24v hex hot ends? I looked and didn’t see them.

And I got no problem with brand loyalty. If Lulz had the parts in their store, I wold have bought them already. I wish they would offer up the connectors and other fiddly bits in their printers for sale. Having to order 100 heat sets of a specific size just to get the 2 I need is stupid. Lulz orders the stuff by the thousands I bet. Not only would it drive trafic to their store, it would serve their customer better in the end.

Well, here is version beta 0.001 of the Wolfie Fan Shroud. I have not printed either it or the mounting plate as yet. These are preliminary renders of the concept.

I extended the left side plate. Added holes for heat sets (same as on the right side for the stock fan). Its set up for a 30mm x 30mm x 10mm fan. I will have to wait for the various fans to come in from ebay before I lock down the screw hole placement. I don’t know if they differ but I am not going to waste filament printing it until I have fans in hand to measure and verify screw hole placement.

There are a few areas left to clean up on the extruder mount plate as well. Not sure what time I will have to work on it being Easter weekend and the Taz is printing plastic peeps non-stop for 3 days now.

I think my Digikey stuff will come in tomorrow (pins and connectors). Not sure wen the heat sets and other hardware I ordered from McMaster-Carr will arrive, no tracking details yet.

If I decide to go with a E3D hot end instead of Hex, the fan duct can be modified easily to fit around the round E3D fins.

There’s drawings in the Mini directory. I can’t find them in the TAZ/5.0 directories, but they should be there too…



Will the fan shroud, with attached fan clear the y axis mount and wiring? I have about 20mm max clearance on my machine there.

If the drawings I found in the dev folders are correct. But as I said, this is just the first version of the first idea. I have to wait for the fans to get shipped to me to make physical assessments of their suitability and size.

There are also thin 30mm fans out there but I want to wait until I asses these before ordering the compact ones. The compact ones are notably noisier than the the common 10mm/8mm thick ones, at least the ones I have seen in the computer realm have been. They also tend to be more expensive.

Looks nice! I like how it wraps around the sides of the heat sinks.

Ok. I just had to pick up my jaw off the floor! I ordered a bunch of heatsets and metric screw/nut kits from Mcmaster, I ordered them YESTERDAY at around 3pm (15:12 is the time on the conf email). My secretary/receiving girl just brought in a box and plopped it on my desk. I heard it rattle so I turned to look because I was expecting it to be the stuff I ordered from DigiKey two days ago but those connectors shouldn’t be heavy nor rattle. Its the stuff from McMaster! LESS than 24hrs from order to box on desk. Holy cow! :open_mouth: I mean, WTH? Do they have elves packing the box as I am clicking buy on the website? I mean, how the hell? Seriously.

And get this…while I am typing this message…she comes in with the box from DigiKey :mrgreen: And I was right, it didn’t rattle and isn’t heavy! So the stuff I ordered less than 24hrs ago beat the stuff I ordered 2 days ago.

And to top it off, the filament I ordered from MatterHackers 4 days ago is still circling the drain at USPS in California. It hasn’t even left the state I ordered it from yet. UPS for the win. FedEx for a close second. And our over funded, completely inept, and mostly obsolete USPS, for the fail.

Yea, I wanted to force the air through the fins, not around them.

Yeah… McMaster-carr gets stuff to me fairly efficiently also without notice… You take the cake though, less than 24hrs. You must have caught the packing and shipping guy just in time.

The glass plate represents the distance from where I could move the carriage by hand (long after the switch engaged) to where it appears is the most prominant feature (best I could measure with calipers):

And yes, I have accounted for the hot end mounting screw as well as the tiny screw on the back side of the Hexagon.

With 30 and 40mm fans respectively:

Looks awesome! Looks like you could save the depth of the fan by recessing it into the fan shroud, either partially or fully. This also looks like a great start for a left side active cooling fan for PLA for those that want more direct airflow, and wish to use the blower on the heatsink

I thought about it but I would have to carve more of the extruder mount plate off. As it is, I had to cut into it but I added a fillet on the inside. I also wanted to be able to easily make a 30mm and a 40mm version of the duct in case someone else can’t get 30mm or doesn’t want to. Keeping the options open if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

First version of the plate and fan shroud is off the printer. I have made a few tweaks and a new print is running now. I am printing these pretty coresly at .3mm layers and 4000mm/min speed and they are printing just fine. Not showroom quality but for prototypes, they are sufficient.

Here are some with the stock fan shroud installed:

Here is the latest print.

This is the only bit of support I used. Its only a little wider than the jaws on the needle nose pliers that came with the Taz:

Here is the hole on top for the extruder mounting screw and washer. The shroud pressed up against the washer so there should be little airflow lost through the hole.

And here are some photos of it mounted on the Taz showing the clearance on the left.

This is with the carriage pushed all the way to the left beyond its home position.

Only a little bit of mesh clean up left to do. And then wait on UPS/FedEx/USPS to deliver the ebay fans for final fitting and adjustments.