WANTED: used hex too head

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a spare hex hot end in good condition, preferably with a small nozzle 2-2.5mm. already installed but if the nozzle isn’t jammed and can be removed, then that’s fine.

I’m looking to have a spare hot end for super high res prints… let me know what you have.

What about http://i-t-w.com/parts/lulzbot-taz-hexagon-single-extruder-tool-head-v2 and adding an E3D 0.25mm nozzle? I have a reprap hexagon and added an E3D 0.25mm nozzle on it. It works great.

Seems like much more work to change a hot end that just swap nozzles.

Not when it’s seized…lol

the tool head that was linked looks like a good deal, problem is, they’re sold out. I heard the small nozzles clog though…

What’s seized on it?

For maximum precision when printing small parts, consider trying a Merlin hotend, and providing it a dedicated extruder to use with the LulzBot quick-change bracket.