Alternate Hot End

Hey Guys,
While I love love love my Lulzbot and the service I get, I am looking to replace the hotend. Maybe it is how rough I am on it or how I messed up the threading and had to replace it with some after market parts since original Lulzbot parts aren’t available. But anyway, I need upgrade from the Buda 1.1. Hopefully to something with a higher temperature capacity.

Does anyone have any recommendation?

J-Head MK-V?

E3D6? (I have read mixed reviews)

Anything else?

I do not want an aluminium heat break. Preferably Stainless steel maybe brass.

I believelulzbot is looking at the E3D6 as a potential option.

The hexagon hotend from reprap discount is nice and relatively inexpensive.

I was originally planning on getting the E3D V6 but many people seem to unimpressed, it has been having problems with PLA and it didn’t get a lot of support on the IRC line.

Is the hexagon all aluminum?


No thoughts on the J-Head MK-V?

Hexagon hot end is all metal, not sure about all ‘aluminum’. I have it now and having problem with bed height. With the Hexagon, I crank down the Z stop and the head is still about 10mm away from print bed. Anyone have a fix for this? I’m imagining I’ll have to put something under my headbed, but then my level adjustments won’t work. I dunno yet.

You’ll want to use this Hexagon compatible (our hex) extruder mount:

The mount is closer to the bed.

That mount works great and fixed my problem. In my limited time using the Hexagon, you can’t print with PLA unless you have a fan dedicated to the Hexagon cooling fins. You should have the fan for any plastic you use with this, but an absolute must with PLA. I’ve successfully printed with ABS and done a lot of bad parts with PC (but not because of the hotend).