*WARNING* Anyone with a Thermal Runaway issue

Well, I am sure this is one in a million but I had Thermal Runaway error pop up while I was printing with my TAZ 6. After checking everything with multimeter, we found the problem…
Please check your board if something like this happens.

When I’ve encountered melted connectors like that, usually it’s due to a bad connection getting resistive and causing it to heat up.
Check the wire entry and be sure the screw is tight. Check the board solder joint and be sure it isn’t cracked around the pin.

If you pull the wire from the connector by loosening the screw, is it tinned? It should NOT be. Best is crimp ferrules, otherwise good clean bare wire.

That looks somewhat like a weidmuller connector. Digikey shows a rating of 12A for one style. Any idea how much current you were flowing?