What crimp tool should I get?


I’m following the attached instructions and I have the wire ferrules. When I try and crimp using ordinary pliers the crimps fail. I can’t find any instructions on how to crimp solid wires and what tool to use. Does anyone know how to do this? and/or more importantly the tool to use?

You want an actual crimping tool for those. You can use a standard combination wire stripper / crimper from any tool store, or you can go with a dedicated crimper something like this http://www.pololu.com/product/1929 You will want to pick one appropriate to the size of the wire you are dealing with.

Basically, the crimp tool compresses the barrel tightly at one spot. Pliers aren’t going to put enough force there.


I spoke with our assembly team, and found the exact crimper that we use when creating the Budaschnozzles and TAZ printers. It can be found here:


We use these for all our crimping needs, including the heater coils for the bed (14 AWG). I did a quick search of Amazon, and found a suitable pair for a little bit less money:


Nice. those are better than the ones I have. Will have to grab a pair of them and see if that improves my crimping ability.