What makes the TAZ5 so much better than the Mini?

I’m the proud owner of a new Mini. I chose it based on the price compared to the Taz 5.

I have to know, what makes the TAZ 5 worth so much more?

The only real difference I’ve seen is available print volume, and SD card usability.

This is not a troll, I simply want to know as I’m looking at building a 2nd printer using my Mini.


Mainly it is the build area. The Taz 5 is a bit less “friendly” for lack of a better word. Out of the box it is lacking the auto leveling bed but Auto bed compensation can be added. The extruders are virtually identical though.

If you just have/want one 3D printer, the Mini is nice. Low-maintenance.

A Taz is nice to have for the larger build area, but also for its more open construction. Great platform for experimental tools (eg. lasers) and various other upgrades.

It’s larger, it supports Dual Extruders, it supports an LCD, Being larger, some of the parts (bed, etc.) cost more.