What manner of sorcery is this?

My TAZ 4 was humming along beautifully completing my latest model when I walked away from it for about the last 10 minutes of the print. When I returned I was greeted with THIS horrifying sight!

Apparently, having finished the print, TAZ became dissatisfied with the quality of the work and decided to destroy it and himself at the same time.

This is what happens when you screw up ONE LINE of code in your shutdown routine. I neglected to set relative coordinates when I attempted to retract the head 5mm from the part before homing it. So instead of a retract, I got an absolute move to Z=5mm. Or at least that’s what TAZ tried to do.

Uh, just a note. Don’t do this. Took me 6 hours to clean this up.

bad crash.gcode (4 MB)

I’m an idiot. I found it. G1 Z5, was supposed to be a relative move, not an absolute. One line of code and 6 hours to clean it up. Duh!

Yup Saramos, you got me.

I am not a G code expert, but I suspect the problem is at the end of your print where the G1 Z5 command is given. It looks like this is moving the print head to a height of 5mm when your object is 42.89mm high.

How is your hot end after you cleaned it up? Everything working well afterwards?

Cleaned up and worked fine. Sawed most of the part off. Then heated the head and squeegeed off the majority of the rest with a popsicle stick. The residue cleaned up nicely with acetone and some elbow grease. (Got me a BIG can of that!) Was great until I munged the nozzle trying to remove it. :cry:

I think the machine was just trying to recycle the print :smiling_imp:

A dark sorcery indeed.