TAZ 5 homes and then moves up

Hi everyone,

My TAZ 5 started acting up. I had a hotend jam. After removing the nozzle, cleaning the hotend and reassembling it, I restarted the print. I have printed this same GCODE file multiple times (at least 10) but this time something very weird happened.

The printer homes correctly (and if I manually home it works fine). However, after homing it moves up ~5.5mm (measured with calipers) before starting to print (on thin air, of course). I took a video but it doesn’t show too well, I’m attaching it and the gcode file anyway. This happens regardless of if I print via SD Card or via USB.

Any ideas?

folding_stand_v2x2_0.3_PZeb.gcode (4.51 MB)

Hmmm… it seems the video did not attach. If someone thinks it useful I can upload it somewhere.

The file looks just fine on this end, I don’t see a Z travel adjustment. I’d check for something in the software itself, possibly the Z starting offset got a number typed in it when you were changing something else, possibly you added some startup gcode somewhere? Beyond that I’m not sure what to tell you. I have seen that before though. A printer I owned did that once, I ended up having to reinstall the control software. I’m pretty sure that was due to a setting and i just never tracked down which one it was, but that was very early in my 3d printing career. Also on a slightly different printer using about the same firmware on a Ramps instead of a Rambo board.

Hello Piercet,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Do you mean the firmware? Because this happens too when printing from SD using the LCD.

If it’s doing it from the LCD, there might be a weird offset somewhere in firmware. Check and see if the z offset in the LCD is set something weird. If not, then maybe switch the firmware out.

Thank you for your help Piercet.

I found the problem. The G28 Z0.600 made the toolhead go slightly up… but my X axis somehow moved so it wasn’t parallel with the bed. When it got to the printing position it was high up. I really don’t know how that might have happened since, while I will sometimes move the X and Y axis by hand I always use OctoPrint to move the Z axis. Anyway, manually turning the right threaded rod until the X axis was level fixed it.

Thanks again!

BTW, since you mentioned flashing the firmware… what’s the latest precompiled version of Marlin for the TAZ 5? I have 2015Q3. Would you happen to have the config.h available so I could compile and flash the latest Marlin?

Glad you got it fixed. There is a project in the development forum that has the latest marlin build pre configured gor a 5. Configuration.h is available in devel.lulzbot.com.

Thank you very much piercet! Very helpful as usual!