What scale are TAZ source files in?

I am printing from the .stl files provided on support/downloads page. The parts when importing into Repetier are huge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ps… I am using AO-101 to print parts with

Hehe. Some of the TAZ parts, like the Y axis ends are huge! The models were created in millimeters. You can use Meshlab to measure the dimensions of parts, by clicking on the tape measure icon.

If you are printing TAZ parts on an AO-100 or AO-101, you may just want to use the GCODE files from us, and you don’t even have to slice them. They should work just fine on your machine and are known to work with AO-10*.

The parts can be found here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/hardware/printed_parts/ In each folder you’ll find an *.ini config file, the gcode file we used and a pdf rendering of the part.