What the Heck Happened to PolyLite PLA Cost?!?!?!

As the title says it, what the heck happened to the cost of PolyLite PLA? I was looking to possibly buy some more and it says 1 kg costs $37.58? That stuff used to cost $25, and even when the tariffs were first coming into play, it was only a few bucks more. Why is it now this expensive?

Also, how is it the 3kg spool hasn’t changed that much in price? It used to cost like $70 before tariffs, and I think has only gone up once to $77.50.

I used to buy PolyLite cause it was a little higher quality and the cost wasn’t much more. But at this rate I might as well just buy some Colorfabb nGen with those costs (which I consider a more high quality plastic)

I just checked PolyMaker’s website… PolyLite PLA is still about $25 for a 1Kg spool. Make sure you didn’t accidentally pick PolyMAX PLA (which is closer to $40 for a 1Kg spool.)

Nope straight from the LulzBot store, here’s the cost of 1 kg

And for the record here’s the 3 kg

Possibly LulzBot mistakenly set the price for the wrong product?




Yep it appears this was the case. Even better, if I am looking at the prices correctly, they are pre-tariff costs. Meaning I can finally afford to buy and print with it again