Whats going on in this nGen print?

I am using 230/85 and everything on my TAZ5 seems to be dialed in.

Any suggestions?

Been printing with Ngen lately. You’ve probably done this, but check the following:

  1. Use the lulzbot supplied Ngen profile as a starting point. Worked great on my mini.

  2. Print a skirt and measure the skirt thickness. It should be roughly 0.425 if you’re using the standard profile. If your head is too high, you’d get material releasing from the bed. Too close and you’d get material smooshed out like it kinda looks like you have.

  3. Measure your filament diameter and make sure it matches your slicer so you’re not over extruding.

Start there and we can move from there.


Another thought…did you bump up the print speeds at all? From my experience, nGen prints the first layer EXTREMELY slowly with good results. The wavy pattern in the print almost looks like your print head was bouncing from deceleration and acceleration…a stretch, but it’s weird you had a few good passes then it got worse.

Ok let me give that a try Jim.

I’ve been printing with all kinds of materials and one thing I have found is that not all of them work with the same first layer height.
From the looks of your skirt, it appears that the head is too close to the bed when it comes to that material.
Try to increase the clearance between the nozzle and the bed by giving a 1/4 to 1/2 counterclockwise turn to the Z-endstop-thumb screw.

Throwing out there that it looks a little like over extruding…set your filament diameter to 3.00mm and flow to 100% then try again with something smaller (so you get the answer more quickly)