nGen filament profile for 0.35 hexagon

Hi All,

Is there a filament profile for nGen on a TAZ 5 that uses the 0.35 mm hexagon hotend? On the website, I only see it available for TAZ 1 - 4 in that size and the TAZ 5 is only for the 0.5mm hotend. If I use the TAZ 4 profile, the print is VERY slow and by default prints a brim. Since I have a PEI surface, I don’t think that’s necessary. Has anyone created a custom profile for this?


Another thing…

When I use the TAZ 4 filament profile, when the print finishes, it brings the Z-axis all the way up instead of just moving the hotend to the x-home location (and leaving the Y and Z axes alone) like most filament profiles. Was this intentional?

I had been using the default profile for it in the newest version of Cura. I know its been a while, but I have had some good results using the 0.35 hexagon and nGen blue filament.
layer size .16
print speed 50
shell Thickness 1.05
bottom was .07
fill density 20%
Print temp 225C
Bed 80C

I am still working on this, and would love to find a way to print a bit quicker with this stuff. Ive noticed it is A LOT slower printing with the smaller nozzle.

The default profile definitely works consistently, it’s just painfully slow. I do have a slightly modified profile that I created and it seems to work just as well. It doesn’t cut down completely on print times but it helps. I’ll attach the profile to this post.
nGEN_TAZ5_35nozzleFIXED.ini (11 KB)