whats the name of this part ?

I broke one ear that guides the filaments to the hobbed bolt and I can’t find the drawing to print the part out …

Can someone help me please ? How is it called ?

I would like to improve the part as well, so I would appreciate the .sldprt if possible.


That is the Extruder Idler arm. The STL file is here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/3.1/production_parts/printed_parts/stl/

The SCAD base file is here:
(jonaskuehling-default.scad I think)
or here:

that particular part doesn’t change all that much so you should be able to use any of the other ones you might find in the download section.

I forgot to mention I have an AO-101, are the parts you posted links for compatible with my printer ?


The Wade’s Reloaded extruder parts are compatible, from the Aleph Objects Prusa, the AO-100/101, to the current TAZ!